“The connivance between the Italian government and China is alarming and must also be examined by the European Parliament. Shortly before the visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister to Italy, the Italian Newspaper La Verità revealed that a governmental decree was approved, authorizing Italian telecom operator Tim to use Chinese technology company Huawei for its 5G sensitive networks. Many intelligence reports quoted by Copasir, which is chaired by Hon. Raffaele Volpi, continue to raise alarm on the Chinese interests buying Italian strategic assets. Why has the Pd-5 Star Government decided not to make public the decision that allows China to get their hands on Italian telecommunications network? Why is it not known what Di Maio and his Chinese counterpart will talk about? Will they talk about the freedoms denied in Hong Kong? Of the persecution against Christians or Uyghurs? Or how to sell off Italian strategic assets to Beijing? I intend to bring the matter to the attention of our European partners and to convene representatives of the Italian government and various analysts in the hearings of the “Special Commission of the European Parliament on foreign interference” in order to clarify the government policies on the matter at European level. The League in Europe will also fight with all means to prevent our country from entering the orbit of the vassal countries of the Chinese Communist Party. “

Said in a note Marco Dreosto, MEP of The League and full member of the Special Committee on Foreign Interference in all Democratic Processes in the European Union, including Disinformation.